Worship Service June 14, 2020

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Sunday - 9AM

Jun. 14, 2020

king David

Lead Like A Shepherd

1 Samuel 16:1, 6-13 & John 13:1, 3–9, 12–15

  • 1.Introduction…
  • a.Perhaps the greatest indicator of our maturity is how we handle ____________, ____________, and ____________.
  • b.Few things are as ____________ as a leader, parent, boss, or politician who leverages their influence for ____________ benefit to the ____________ of those for whom they are responsible.
  • c.Few things are as ____________ as a leader who says ________ to himself or herself in order to say ________ to those for whom they are responsible.
  • d.Fact: We don’t really know which lever we will reach for until someone hands us the keys, the title, or the ____________.
  • 2.Background…
  • When David was a boy, the prophet Samuel showed up at his home in Bethlehem.
  • He had a secret mission…to choose the next king.
  • His entire family was invited to a sacrifice.
  • Israel already had a king ~ King Saul.
  • Jesse (David’s father) didn’t invite David to the anointing party…he assumed it would never be David.
  • 3.Lead Like A Shepherd…
  • a.What is amazing is David’s ____________to King Saul!
  • b.David refused to __________ what God had put in __________.
  • c.David wanted God’s _______, God’s _______, in God’s _______.
  • d.David waited ____________ years for God to give him what he had been promised as a boy. During this time, David learned…
  • ÞLeadership is a ____________.
  • ÞKings are ____________.
  • ÞDavid realized, “I’m a king, not The King.” He was never confused about the identity of Israel’s true ____________.
  • 4.Application
  • a.While David’s story is inspiring, it’s not enough for us to be ____________. For followers of Jesus, this kind of greatness is ____________.
  • Þ_________ sets the example 1,000 years later in a town 20 miles north of Bethlehem ~ Jerusalem. (John 13:1-15)
  • b.Perhaps the greatest indicator of our ____________ is how we handle authority, power, and influence.
  • c.How do we respond when we realize that we are the most powerful people in the room, classroom, locker room, boardroom or organization?
  • d.Will we leverage our influence, power and authority for ourselves or for the sake of those we are called to lead?
  • e.Many of us have already been handed the ____________
  • f.We must embrace the greatness David ____________ and Jesus ____________.

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

Mark 10:45