Worship Service October 25, 2020

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Oct. 25, 2020

40 Days Of Love

Love Is Not Easily Angered

Romans 15:1-7

1. Introduction… 

“Love is not easily angered.”

1 Corinthians 13:5

2. How Do You Tame Your Temper?


   a. Resolve to control it.

“A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control.”

Proverbs 29:11

      b. Remember the cost.

“A hot-tempered man…gets into all kinds of trouble.”

Proverbs 29:22

“Hot tempers cause arguments.”

Proverbs 15:18

“…anger causes mistakes.”

Proverbs 14:29  

“People with hot tempers do foolish things.”

Proverbs 14:17

“The fool who provokes his family to anger and resentment will finally have nothing worthwhile left.”

Proverbs 11:29  

     c. Reflect before reacting.

“A stupid man gives free rein to his anger; a wise man waits and lets it grow cool.”

Proverbs 29:11

“A man's wisdom gives him patience.”

Proverbs 19:11

Ask Yourself These Three Questions…

Why am I angry?      What do I really want?      How can I get it?

“Lord, help me control my tongue; help me be careful about what I say.”

Psalm 141:3

“Drinking too much makes you loud and foolish. It's stupid to get drunk.”

Proverbs 20:1


     d. Release my anger appropriately.

“If you become angry, don’t let your anger lead you into sin.”

Ephesians 4:26

“A gentle answer quiets anger, but a harsh one stirs it up.”

Proverbs 15:1

     e. Re-pattern my mind.

“Don't copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.”

Romans 12:2a

“Keep away from angry, short-tempered people, or you will learn to be like them…”

Proverbs 22:24


     f. Rely on God’s help.

“Patience and encouragement come from God. I pray God will help you all agree with each other the way Christ Jesus wants.”

Romans 15:5

“The fruit of the Spirit is...patience.”

Galatians 5:22

“Whatever is in your heart determines what you say.”

Matthew 12:34

“I’ll give you a new heart, put a new spirit in you. I'll remove the stone heart from your body and replace it with a heart that's God-willed, not self-willed.”

Ezekiel 36:26